Information organized by your community for your community.

A World of Lists
What tokens to list in an exchange? What items to accept in a marketplace? Which content to remove on a social media platform? List curation solves these problems.
Empower Your Community
Integrate with Kleros, define guidelines and let your community take care of the curation.
Fairness and Transparency
Kleros will make sure that the curation decisions are done in a fair and transparent way.

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Kleros Curate Use Cases

Token ListingToken Listing
Hotel Listing
Restaurant ListingRestaurant Listing
Social MediaSocial Media

Create Your Own List!

Create your own token curated registry and put the information power in the hands of your community.

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Integrate Kleros Curation
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Kleros Curate is a dapp that can be used to create open curated registries of just about anything using financial incentives and Kleros dispute resolution technology to ensure a list stays on topic and that each entry is compliant with the predefined acceptance criteria.
Kleros Tokens is an open and decentralized curated registry of tokens. In other words, it is a community-managed list of ERC-20 tokens (including their name, ticker, logo and address) open to any project and curated by the power of Kleros arbitration and economic incentives.
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