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Kleros is a global community of people driven by legal innovation and blockchain technology.

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The Kleros Guild of Justice

The Guild of Justice is the Kleros ambassador program. Its main objective is to gather our global community and spread the word of decentralized justice far and wide.

The Guild is divided into two degrees, Envoys and Heralds.

Group 114 CopyEnvoysThe role of Envoys in the Guild is to act as community builders, molding the online and offline presence of Kleros in their regions and bolstering the numbers of our community members.Some of the activities
  • Creating and nurturing regional Telegram groups.
  • Building region-specific and general content about Kleros.
  • Organizing physical and online meetups.
Group 114 Copy 2HeraldsThe role of Heralds in the Guild is to increase the awareness of Kleros globally, fostering adoption in the legal and business worlds, as well as academia.Some of the activities
  • Holding speeches at high level corporate, government and academic contexts.
  • Representing Kleros in local media.
  • Creating business development opportunities.
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