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Why Curated Lists?

Decentralized platforms need a way to decide what content to display. What tokens to list on an exchange? Which comments to censor on a social media platform? Whoever controls the list has the power. True decentralization requires empowering the community.

Kleros Curated List
Why Kleros Curated List

Why Use Our Curated Lists?

Kleros offers a solution for numerous decentralized platforms. Use Kleros' system to seamlessly curate your lists.

Kleros Token Curated List

Trustless Curated Lists

How Does it Work?

You define the guidelines required for what can and can't be accepted on the list. Users send items. Other users challenge bad submissions. Kleros decides.

How are Disputes resolved?

Jurors, review the evidence provided by both submitter and challenger, cast their vote and the outcome of the dispute is enforce automatically.

Why it matter?

In the decentralized era, a larger number of platforms require decentralized list curation. They range from decentralized e-commerce, social media, finance, insurance and many other fields looking to curate data in a permissionless way.


A decentralized e-commerce platform has a policy of not accepting dangerous items.


A user submits a flamethrower.


Another user challenges the submission for being a dangerous item.


The flamethrower goes to trial in Kleros platform.


Jurors rule for the challenger. The flamethrower is rejected from the list.

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