Inês Bragança Gaspar


Inês Bragança Gaspar


Inês Bragança Gaspar is a Portuguese lawyer with expertise in Web3 and Blockchain technology. She earned her LLM in European and International Law from Católica Global School of Law, focusing her Master's Thesis on the influence of blockchain on resolving commercial disputes. Inês is particularly interested in researching DeFi and decentralized justice. During her Fellowship, Inês investigated the integration of Kleros into the DeFi sector, specifically examining disputes related to the utilization of real-world assets in corporate financing.

As part of her fellowship, she delved into the integration of Kleros with platforms that tokenize real-world assets for corporate financing. The report underscores the importance of comprehensive decentralized solutions in the evolving token-driven economy. It also offers an overview of real-world asset tokenization, covering its advantages, risks, and challenges, with a focus on its role in providing alternative financing. The report includes an examination of Defactor Labs as a case study, followed by an exploration of decentralized justice and the possibilities for collaboration with Kleros in the latter part. Additionally, a survey is conducted to gauge community interest and expertise in this field. The report aims to disseminate knowledge about real-world asset tokenization and underscore Kleros' potential in meeting platform requirements.

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