Clara Lin


Clara Lin


Clara Lin, a graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University and European Master of Law and Economics, is the founder of OIOLaw, specializing in transnational law and international commerce. With expertise in legal, commercial, and investment sectors, she has expertise in consulting clients globally. Proficient in seven languages, including Russian, Spanish, and English, Clara alongside with her colleagues Kairui Luo, Qing Shi, Jingwen Ji conducted research on the feasibility of Kleros in the Chinese market during the Fellowship.

The study begins by examining China's traditional litigation culture, emphasizing mediation and reconciliation. It then highlights the current state of the Chinese judicial system, emphasizing the need for efficient dispute-resolution mechanisms. The research also explores the legal and developmental status of blockchain technology in China, addressing potential criminal liabilities associated with blockchain projects and the government's encouragement for innovation in the sector.

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