Olaleye Oladimeji

Blockchain (Kleros) as a tool for transformation of legal services and justice delivery in Africa

Olaleye Oladimeji


Olaleye Oladimeji is an International Lawyer and Associate at the African office of the International law firm Aliant Law, specialized in diverse law practice areas such as Intellectual property (IP) protection, Telecommunications, Blockchain, Finance, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Entertainment, Sports, Data Protection, Project Financing, and Real Estate.

During his fellowship, Olaleye will conduct research on the use of blockchain technology such as Kleros as a tool for legal transformation across Africa, with a global outlook. The research paper seeks to make a case for the digital liberalization of the legal industry by African Lawyers and cross-border justice delivery systems in Africa by infusing centralized and decentralized technologies. The recommendations of this research paper will hopefully be implemented and form an integral part of the architectural policy framework in the repositioning of African legal systems in line with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

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