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A Trustless Way to Enter Information On-Chain
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The Oracle Problem

In order to work, smart contracts often gather information from the outside world such as the winner in an election or the amount of rainfall in a specific region. The `Oracle Problem` is about finding a trustworthy way to introduce this information on-chain.

Kleros Curated List
Why Kleros Curated List

Why Kleros Oracle?

Kleros can provide resolution for disputes about regarding which information should be included on-chain and if the answers to certains questions or queries are correct.

Trustless Oracle

How it works

Users submit external information (the price of ETH in USD, whether there was a flood in NYC, etc.) and a deposit. If a dispute arises about the truth of this information, Kleros provides dispute resolution. For more information about how this works, read <anchor>this article</anchor>.

Why it matters

By using an oracle based on Kleros' decentralized jurors opens up the potential for a wide variety of useful, practical dApps outwith the blockchain only sphere. The Kleros Oracle is a revolutionary step into the blockchain infrastructure of the future.


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