Kleros Research

Kleros has a very active research team in cryptoeconomics, computer science, business and law.

Director of Research

William George, PhD
William George, PhD
William holds Master’s and PhD degrees in mathematics from the University of Toronto. He was subsequently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Toronto and École Polytechnique (France), where he studied applications of blockchains, particularly to identity management systems. William also previously worked in information security for a Canadian bank, where he was involved in the management of the bank's cryptographic keys.


Yann Aouidef, PhD Researcher
Yann Aouidef, PhD Researcher
Yann is a Phd candidate at the Paris Center in Law and Economics. His topic thesis is: “Economics and Law of the Blockchain: Applications To Decentralized Justice Mechanisms”. In 2017, Yann accidentally discovered the theoretic aspect of the blockchain through a conference which completely challenged him because of this technology’s characteristics (especially disintermediation) and the potential applications that would derive from it.

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