Julieta Fernández Tineo

Digital Law Specialist

Julieta Fernández Tineo


Julieta Fernández Tineo graduated in law from Torcuato di Tella University (Argentina) in 2016. Upon graduating, she worked as a capital markets lawyer in Buenos Aires for a year. Then she moved to Spain to do a master’s degree in Digital Law and the Information Society at the University of Barcelona. Her dissertation covered potential uses of smart contracts under Argentine law. She currently advices corporations and startups in all aspects related to digital law.

The Kleros decentralized dispute resolution technology has already proven its worth in the private sector as an effective alternative arbitration method, which is why in this paper the case will be made for its application in the public sector. Because the public order of a country – in this case Argentina – will be at stake when testing this protocol in the Courts, it is important for the matter being discussed to be as straightforward as possible in order to avoid any undesired rights violations. That is why this paper studies the possible extrapolation of the Kleros protocol from the private to the public sector in Argentine Family Courts in cases where the existence of a civil liability of the parents, derived from their parental responsibility duties, is being investigated.

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