Trade, hire and pay secured by trustless dispute resolution.

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The Risk of Online Commerce
When contracting someone online, there is always the risk of the other party not fulfilling the agreement. Resolving the disputes manually is a closed and costly solution.
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Decentralize your Dispute Resolution
In case a disagreement occurs between users of your protocol, the dispute will be resolved by Kleros Court in a decentralized and open manner.
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Secure transactions on your platform
With Kleros Escrow, your users can be confident that the other party in their P2P transaction will always fulfil their obligations.

Kleros Escrow Use Cases

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Secure Your Transactions With Kleros

Start using Kleros Escrow to reduce counterparty risk in your online transactions.

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Using Kleros Escrow, you can transact in the blockchain ecosystem for services, products, and assets using our simple solution with a level of trust not yet known outside the traditional commerce space. If a dispute happens, it will be adjudicated by crowdsourced jurors selected and incentivized by the Kleros protocol.
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