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Kleros Fellowship of Justice

A program which gathers experts from different fields to conduct research and work on Kleros. Our Fellows collaborate actively with our core team on the advancement of decentralized justice.

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Meet our Fellows

Lorens Huculak
Lorens Huculak Layer 2 Entrepreneur and FellowBelgium
Batch 3
Rossana Deplano
Rossana Deplano Law Professor, Leicester UniversityUnited Kingdom
Batch 1
Nicolas Dagnillo
Nicolas Dagnillo Financial AnalystArgentina
Batch 1
Dmitry Narozhny
Dmitry Narozhny Civil Law AttorneyRussia
Batch 1
Luis Bergolla
Luis Bergolla Doctoral StudentVenezuela
Batch 1
Abeer Sharma
Abeer Sharma International ArbitrationIndia
Batch 1
Eric Martin Scott
Eric Martin Scott Public Law & Cyber SecurityUSA
Batch 1
Tian Zhao
Tian Zhao Systems EngineeringCanada
Batch 1
Aleksei Gudkov
Aleksei Gudkov ResearcherRussia
Batch 2
David Abad
David Abad Architect and MediatorSpain
Batch 2
Dorukhan Oguz
Dorukhan Oguz Corporate LawyerTurkey
Batch 2
Elliot Talbert Goldstein
Elliot Talbert Goldstein Assistant DirectorUSA
Batch 2
Faith Obafemi
Faith Obafemi Head of StrategyNigeria
Batch 2
Flávio Freitas Gouvea
Flávio Freitas Gouvea Lawyer, MediatorBrazil
Batch 2
Sahelê Felicio
Sahelê Felicio Corporate LawyerBrazil
Batch 2
Julieta Tineo
Julieta Tineo Digital Law SpecialistArgentina
Batch 2
Kizzy Mota
Kizzy Mota Digital Law SpecialistBrazil
Batch 2
Mauricio Duarte
Mauricio Duarte Attorney and NotaryGuatemala
Batch 2
Mars Robertson
Mars Robertson Chief Integration OfficerUnited Kingdom
Batch 2
Mübariz Aliyev
Mübariz Aliyev Tech LawyerAzerbaijan
Batch 3
Paolo Archila
Paolo Archila Attorney and Notary PublicGuatemala
Batch 3
Sandeep Bhalothia
Sandeep Bhalothia Technology ArbitratorIndia
Batch 3
Robert Dean
Robert Dean Construction ArbitratorUnited Kingdom
Batch 3
Marta García Bel
Marta García Bel International Arbitration LawyerUSA
Batch 3
Scott Gray
Scott Gray EconomistUSA
Batch 3
José María de la Jara
José María de la Jara Digital Arbitration AttorneyPeru
Batch 3
Jake Lowther
Jake Lowther Dispute Resolution ExpertAustralia
Batch 3
Shraddha Kulshreshtha
Shraddha Kulshreshtha Commercial and Business LawyerIndia
Batch 3
Emmanuel Mouclier
Emmanuel Mouclier Legaltech EntrepreneurFrance
Batch 3
Agustina Perez Comenale
Agustina Perez Comenale Attorney and NotaryUruguay
Batch 3
Diana Itzel Santana Galindo
Diana Itzel Santana Galindo AttorneyMexico
Batch 3
Alex Stanescu
Alex Stanescu International ArbitratorRomania
Batch 3
Anjali Tripathi
Anjali Tripathi Law StudentIndia
Batch 3
Esthefania Vargas
Esthefania Vargas AttorneyColombia
Batch 3
Mauricio Virues Carrera
Mauricio Virues Carrera Dispute Resolution ProfessionalMexico
Batch 3
Dr. David Lewis
Dr. David Lewis Corporate and Organisational MediatorUSA
Batch 3


What's the Kleros Fellowship of Justice?
It's a 6 month remote program where participants conduct some research on some topic connected to Kleros and decentralized justice.

Who can participate?
Anyone wishing to conduct some research about decentralized justice can apply to participate.

What is the expected outcome from the program?
The outcome is agreed by Kleros team and the participant at the beginning of the program, but it typically is a 10 to 15 pages report about some specific aspect of Kleros.

What kind of support does Kleros give to participants?
Participants can count on the Kleros team for mentorship, data on user behavior, introductions to key players in the ecosystem and even support with design. We will try to help Fellows in every way we can.

Do you offer grants?

How does the day to day look like?
The Fellowship is a fully remote and autonomous program. There are no regular calls nor progress reports. The only deliverable is the report to be presented at the end of the program.

Where can I apply?
You can apply <anchor>here</anchor>.