Link your product to the physical and digital world by enabling it to verify any event outcome on-chain.

Connection to the world
Our general-purpose oracle enables you to verify any event, especially those that could not be directly sourced from a data feed.
Efficient resolution of any question
A bond escalation mechanism allows for most questions to be answered quickly in a decentralized manner.
Subjective Oracle Capability
Kleros arbitration resolves fairly the more controversial subjective outcomes in case of disputes.

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Oracle Use Cases

Prediction Markets
Social Betting

Verify any real-world events on-chain

Crowd-sourced on-chain smart contract oracle system in collaboration with Reality.eth Your decentralized and fair source of truth.

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Kleros Oracle
Kleros Oracle is a product combining Kleros dispute resolution with Reality.eth cryptoeconomic mechanism for verifying real-world events on-chain, to deliver a subjective oracle solution able to answer absolutely any question with a publicly verifiable answer.
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